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A limited number of bursaries are awarded each year for study towards a professional career in chemical, mechanical and electrical engineering.


About the SAPREF Bursary Programme

Each bursary consists of an annual grant for fulltime study at a recognized South African university. The bursary covers tuition, residence fees, books and practical work experience as set by the university. The successful applicants get a chance to work at SAPREF during their vacation periods, which gives an opportunity to gain practical experience in their chosen field of study and also allows them to get to know the company. On completion of the degree, the graduate may be required to work for SAPREF for a set period. However, if no suitable position exists within our organization, s/he would be released of this obligation.


Who is Eligible to Apply?

Students who have obtained an exemption in grade 12 and who have been accepted at a recognised South African university and students who are already enrolled at university are eligible to apply. Selection is based primarily on academic merit. However, we look for well-rounded individuals who demonstrate potential to excel in other areas of their lives. Applicants undergo a selection process, which comprises of panel interviews and tests. Holders of other bursaries, scholarships or grants are not eligible to apply except where these are received as merit awards.

Those interested in the SAPREF bursary scheme can apply in writing between May and August of each year to:


Durban 400