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Social Work Bursaries for 2014 in South Africa

Looking for social work bursaries? If yes the we are there for you!

Below you will find a list of social work bursaries that are available in South Africa.

1. Social Work Bursaries from the Department of Labour

Applications for the department of labour bursaries closes 30 June every year

Conditions of Bursary

Service binding contract after graduation for a period of three years


Who can apply for this bursaries?

Current students at university and Grade 12 learners

Applicant must be a person with a disability: be it visual, auditory, physical or psychiatric disability at any official training institution. Field of study must be career orientated � student must function effectively after completion of studies.

Required Subjects Old Curriculum Symbols New Curriculum Mark: Science and English

Down load Bursaries application form and sent it to:

Department of Labour

P.O. Box 4560




Fax: (011) 497-3287

Bursary enquiries: Tel: (011) 497-3000


Download this bursary information


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2. Dr TE Donges Study social work bursaries for 2014 and 2014 in South Africa

Applications closes October every year

social work Bursary Applications available at: Applicants must complete a separate form which is available from the bursary section at UJ.

Bursary enquiries: UJ bursary office

Conditions of Bursaries for 2014

Awards may be reclaimed in instances of poor achievement.


Eligible Candidates

Current students at university and Grade 12 learners (going to UJ) can apply.

For Bursaries 2014

Required Subjects Old Curriculum Symbols New Curriculum Mark